Client Dave Dorman Joins KILL SHAKESPEARE Board Game Art Team

For Immediate Release: CHICAGO, IL–November 21, 2013–Eisner, Inkpot, and Bram Stoker Award-winning creator and artist Dave DormanĀ is painting the box top packaging art for the IDW board game KILL SHAKESPEARE. Artist J.K. Woodward has also signed on to the art team–creating the playing card art–for the June 2014 launch of the game. Said IDW CEO … Continue reading

Geek Tyrant Points Out Prescience: Dave Dorman’s Darth Vader v. Captain America Painting Was Completed 1 Year Prior to Disney’s Lucasfilm Acquisition

Client and Eisner/Inkpot Award-winning artistĀ Dave Dorman’s Darth Vader v. Captain America painting was prescient, according to Geek Tyrant, who offered that great observation. What Geek Tyrant probably doesn’t know is that Dorman has a history of this sort of thing, as if his psychic radar is unintentionally downloading ideas up in the stratosphere. During Dorman’s … Continue reading